Skill Verification Program 

In the moment’s fleetly evolving job request,  enjoying applicable chops is pivotal for career success. Following this, the National Vocational & Technical Training Commission( NAVTTC) has enforced the Skill Verification Program to validate and plump  individualities’ vocational skills. This program serves as a ground between job  campaigners and employers, icing a match between skill sets and job conditions. In this comprehensive companion, we’ll claw into the NAVTTC Skill Verification Program, its benefits, conditions, and how you can navigate through it successfully.

The NAVTTC Skills Verification scheme aims to assess and validate the chops of  individualities in colorful vocational fields. Whether you are a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or someone looking to switch careers, this program offers an  occasion to showcase your  capacities and gain recognition for them.   

Benefits of the NAVTTC Skills Verification Program  

Participating in the NAVTTC Skills Verification Scheme offers several advantages:

Enhanced Employability 

  • Validating your chops through this program enhances your credibility in the job request, making you more  seductive to implicit employers.   

Recognition of Capability 

  • By carrying NAVTTC instruments, you gain sanctioned recognition for your chops, adding your chances of career advancement and better job prospects.   

Industry Alignment 

  • NAVTTC collaborates with assiduity stakeholders to ensure that the chops  vindicated are aligned with assiduity  norms, enhancing their applicability and connection in real- world scripts. Read: Electric Vehicle an Interest-Free 
Skill Verification Program
Skill Verification Program

Before applying for the Skill Verification Scheme, it’s essential to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. While specific conditions may vary grounded on the chosen skillset, common eligibility criteria include:   

  • Minimal educational qualifications in the applicable field.  
  • Practical experience or training in the skill being vindicated.  
  • Compliance with any fresh prerequisites specified for the chosen skill.  

Table: Quick Information 

Eligibility CriteriaDescription
Minimum Educational QualificationsIndividuals must possess a certain level of education relevant to the skill being verified.
Practical ExperienceDemonstrated experience or training in the chosen skill area is often required.
Training RecordsDocumentation of completion of relevant training programs or courses may be necessary.
Identification ProofValid identification documents, such as national identity card or passport, are required.
Compliance with Additional PrerequisitesSome skills may have specific prerequisites, such as prior certifications or licenses.

The Application process for the NAVTTC Verification Program generally involves the following way: 


  • Create an account on the NAVTTC website and complete the enrollment  process,  furnishing necessary particular and educational details.   

Skill Selection 

  • Choose the skill for which you wish to seek verification. The program offers a wide range of skill options across colorful diligence, allowing you to select the one most applicable to your  moxie. Read: Eligibility Criteria for the Govt Student 

Documents Submission 

  • Upload clones of needed documents,  similar as educational instruments, training records, and identification evidence, as part of the  operation process.   

Payment of Fee

  • Pay the applicable figure for skill verification, as per the NAVTTC  figure structure. This  figure may vary depending on the chosen skill and the position of verification sought.   

Once your application is processed and accepted, you will go to the skill verification stage. This  generally involves:   

Written Assessment 

  • Depending on the skill named, you may be  needed to suffer a written assessment to  estimate your theoretical knowledge in the field.   

Practical Demonstration 

  • Demonstrate your practical chops in the chosen area through hands- on tasks or simulations, allowing assessors to gauge your faculty firsthand.  


  • Engage in an interview with good assessors who’ll further estimate your understanding of the skill, problem- working capacities, and communication skills.   

Obtaining Certification 

Upon successful completion of the skills verification process, you will admit NAVTTC  instrument attesting to your capability in the  vindicated skill. This instrument serves as a  precious asset in your career trip, opening doors to new openings and professional growth.   


Q Is the NAVTTC Skill Verification scheme honored nationally and internationally?  

Yes, NAVTTC  instrument holds recognition both within Pakistan and internationally,  furnishing confirmation of your chops across borders. Read: Government to Financing Scheme 

Q Can I apply for multiple skill verifications contemporaneously?  

While there’s no restriction on applying for multiple verifications, it’s essential to  concentrate on one skill at a time to ensure thorough medication and successful issues.   

Q How long is the NAVTTC instrument valid?  

NAVTTC instrument is generally valid for a certain duration, after which individualities may be needed to undergo revalidation or renewal processes to maintain its validity.   


The NAVTTC Skill Verification Program offers a pathway for individuals to showcase their vocational chops, gain sanctioned recognition, and enhance their employability. By understanding the program’s conditions, navigating through the  operation process, and preparing diligently for skill verification, you can work this occasion to propel your career forward. Invest in your professional development moment and embark on a  trip towards success with NAVTTC instruments.