Seasonal Restaurant Manager Jobs in FloridaSeasonal Restaurant Manager Jobs in Florida

Seasonal Restaurant Manager Jobs in Florida


$38.20 an hour – Temporary, Seasonal, Full-time

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Are you looking for a temporary, seasonal job that offers you an occasion to manage a high- end eatery in beautiful Naples, Florida? Seasonal Restaurant Manager Jobs in Florida, LLC is presently seeking three full- time Restaurant directors for their establishment. In this composition, we will claw into the details of this instigative job occasion, furnishing you with perceptivity into what it entails and the benefits it offers.

Job Duration

Start Date October 1, 2023

End Date July 31, 2024


Working as a Seasonal Restaurant Manager Jobs in Florida comes with a different set of liabilities. You’ll be responsible for

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Your part includes icing that the eatery adheres to all government regulations concerning sanitation and the running of food. This ensures a safe and aseptic terrain for both staff and guests.

Monitoring Food Preparation

You will oversee food medication styles, portion sizes, and food donation to maintain high- quality norms. This contributes to an exceptional dining experience.

Managing Deliveries

entering and cataloging food and libation deliveries is a vital part of this job. You will be in charge of checking delivery contents to corroborate product quality and volume.

Supervisory Conditioning

Your part involves conducting meetings, creating work schedules, and hiring and canvassing implicit staff members. This ensures that the eatery operates easily and efficiently.

Uniting with Other Restaurant Personnel

Menu planning, serving arrangements, events planning, and affiliated details are areas where collaboration with other eatery labor force is essential for the success of Sails Restaurant.

Front- of- House Duties

Seasonal Restaurant Manager Jobs in Florida As a Restaurant Manager, you will be anticipated to handle colorful frontal- of- house positions during service, including maître d, captain of station, all bar positions, exhibit, and indeed taking reservations when demanded.

Staff Supervision

You may be responsible for supervising up to fifty workers, including culinarians, waiters, and Dining Room Attendants.

Job Conditions

To be considered for this part, you need

  • At least two times of experience in a fine- dining terrain at a high- end or high- volume eatery, resort, or private club.
  • To complete apre-employment background check and medicine webbing.
  • The capability to work 40 hours per week, with inflexibility for evening, weekend, and vacation hours.


The pay envelope for this position is$38.20 per hour, paidbi-weekly. Overtime is available at$57.30 per hour when necessary.


In addition to competitive compensation, this position offers benefits similar as dental insurance, an hand backing program, health insurance, and on- the- job training.

Transportation and Subsistence

still, the employer will give transportation and subsistence from your place of reclamation to the plant, If you complete 50 of the work contract period. Upon contract completion or redundancy , they will also cover your reasonable costs of return transportation and subsistence.

Work Schedule

The work schedule may vary, and you might be needed to work on any day of the week from Monday through Sunday. Shifts can vary, with exemplifications like 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm.


All deductions from your stipend needed by law will be made. The employer guarantees to offer work for hours equal to at least three- fourths of the workdays in each 12- week period of the total employment period.

Tools and inventories

The employer will give all the tools, inventories, and outfit needed to perform the job at no cost to you.

Visa and freights

H- 2B workers will be refunded for visa, visa processing, border crossing, and other affiliated freights, including those commanded by the government.

How to Apply

To interrogate or shoot operations, you can communicate the Florida State Workforce Agency at 3050 Horseshoe Drive North, Building A, Suite 110, Naples, FL, 34104, or call them at(239)436-4301. The job order number is 12220121.

You can also post your capsule to Amanda Chapman, Sails Restaurant, 301 5th Avenue S, Naples, FL 34102, or dispatch it

Fresh Information

Before applying for this position, it’s important to understand the company’s programs and procedures. Below, we have included some information related to the company’s Standard Operating Procedures

  • Attendance Point System Policy
  • correctional Action
  • habitual Absence or Belatedness
  • Interaction with Leave Laws
  • medicine and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy
  • Consequences of medicine and Alcohol Violations
  • Confidentiality
  • Crimes Involving medicines
  • Follow- up medicine Testing
  • turndown of Test
  • List of Common specifics
  • Medical Review Officer Contact Information
  • medicine Rehabilitation Programs
  • Hand Responsibility to Notify Laboratory.
  • Enforcement


Working as a Seasonal Restaurant Manager at Sails Restaurant can be an instigative occasion for those with a passion for the hospitality assiduity. With competitive stipend, benefits, and a chance to witness beautiful Naples, Florida, it’s an occasion worth considering.