Roshan Gharana Program in PunjabRoshan Gharana Program in Punjab

Roshan Gharana Program in Punjab

The Roshan Gharana Program is a new initiative with the aid of the Punjab authorities to furnish photovoltaic structures to home customers in the province. The application goals to install 50,000 photovoltaic structures in the first phase, with a whole price range of Rs. 12.6 billion.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Roshan Gharana Program, buyers should meet the following criteria:

  • They should be residents of Punjab.
  • They need to be home buyers to use much less than a hundred devices of electrical energy per month.
  • They should have a net-metered connection with the electrical energy distribution company.

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Benefits of the Program

The Roshan Gharana Program affords a variety of advantages to consumers, including:

  • Reduced electrical energy bills: Solar structures can generate electrical energy for free, which can assist to limit consumers’ electrical energy bills.
  • Increased electricity security: Solar structures can supply a dependable supply of electricity, even at some stage in electricity outages.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Solar power is a smooth and renewable supply of energy, which can assist to decrease the environmental affect of electrical energy generation.

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Procedure for Registration in Roshan Gharana Program

The registration method for this application has now not been delivered through the Punjab authorities yet, however it will be added soon. According to the present day update, customers of up to one hundred gadgets will be in a position to entire their registration inside the first phase.A draw will be made amongst the customers who entire the registration. After which, the authorities crew will go to the homes of the fortunate clients and deploy the photo voltaic system. As quickly as there is any new information associated to registration, you will be furnished with entire details. Since no registration manner has been added yet, it will be untimely to speak about registration.

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Benefits of the Roshan Gharana Program

This program, launched through Chief Minister Punjab, will grant free photo voltaic structures to 50,000 customers. After which, a clear discount will be considered in the electrical energy payments of the people. And their economic prerequisites will improve. People have emerge as extraordinarily concerned due to rising inflation and highly-priced electrical energy in Punjab. This choice has been taken via the authorities to do away with the troubles of such people. Further, a clear discount in electrical energy fees will be considered via this program.

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How to Apply

To follow for the Roshan Gharana Program, customers can go to the internet site of the Punjab Energy Department or contact their neighborhood electrical energy distribution company.

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The Roshan Gharana Program is a tremendous step toward advertising easy electricity in Punjab. The software will assist to limit the province’s reliance on fossil fuels, enhance electricity security, and decrease the environmental influence of electrical energy generation.In addition to the advantages listed above, the Roshan Gharana Program is additionally predicted to create jobs and enhance the nearby economy.The software is a welcome initiative by means of the Punjab authorities and it is hoped that it will be profitable in reaching its objectives.

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Here are some extra small print about the Roshan Gharana Program

The software is being carried out via the Punjab Energy Department in collaboration with the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB).

  • The photovoltaic structures will be established with the aid of non-public organizations that have been pre-qualified through the AEDB.
  • The value of every photo voltaic gadget is estimated to be Rs. 250,000.
  • The authorities will grant a subsidy of Rs. 187,500 per photovoltaic system, whilst the closing price will be borne via the consumer.
  • The photovoltaic structures will be hooked up on the rooftops of consumers’ homes.
  • The structures will be net-metered, with the capability that any extra electrical energy generated via the photovoltaic panels will be fed back into the grid and credited to the consumer’s account.
  • The software is anticipated to generate 50 megawatts of electrical energy and keep the authorities Rs. 1 billion per yr in electrical energy costs.
  • The Roshan Gharana Program is a massive step in the direction of merchandising easy power in Punjab. The software is anticipated to have a range of benefits, consisting of decreased electrical energy bills, expanded power security, and decreased 

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Who can get photo voltaic panels?

The software presently objectives households categorised as “protected consumers” who use much less than 300 devices of electrical energy per month.

Will the application make bigger to encompass extra users?

Potentially. The preliminary section focuses on low-consumption households, however the program’s success may lead to future expansion.


How can I register for the Roshan Gharana Program?

Registration small print have not been formally introduced yet. Stay tuned to authorities channels for updates on the registration process.

Selection Process:

How are beneficiaries chosen?

The first section makes use of a draw (ballot) gadget to make certain equity and equal chance for all eligible consumers.

environmental impact.