New Update: Rashan will be given to 32.5 million people under the Negahban Rashan ProgramNew Update: Rashan will be given to 32.5 million people under the Negahban Rashan Program

Rashan will be given to 32.5 million people Overview

Punjab’s Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said that 32.5 million Punjabis will get their freedoms close to home under the Ramadan Nigehban program. Talking at a public interview here, Punjab CM said, We will offer Ramadan bundles called ‘Ramadan Nigehban’ for individuals’ solace. Presently individuals don’t need to represent significant stretches while fasting. The freedoms of poor people will be perceived close to home with practically no issues.

Maryam Nawaz Latest Announcement

She said that her group functioned admirably in this cycle, in accordance with Nawaz Sharif’s solicitation, and that representatives from the Punjab government and the police buckled down for the venture to make it fruitful. The public authority has no particular data intended to help general society.

We gathered every one of the reports with the assistance of the Benazir Pay Backing Project (BISP) and NADRA.

Survey for Negahban Program 2024

The Central Clergyman said that Shahbaz Sharif gave free flour to individuals last Ramadan. Fortunately 120.5 million individuals will be studied in the following three to four months and those procuring not as much as Rs 60,000 will be remembered for the information. This data will be moved to a framework that will help the public authority later on.

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Food ItemAmount
Flour10 Kg
Sugar2 Kg
Ghee2 Kg
Rice2 Kg

80,000 parcels have been delivered

Maryam Nawaz said that the data gathered was precise, straightforward, and right. Just essential examples will be added to the bundle, the rest will be disposed of. Flour that couldn’t be delivered in great quality was shut. He said that the best oil, rice, flour, gram flour, and rice are added to the bowl.

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CM said that we have digitized conveyance for Ramadan bundling. The group has been comprised from the civil and neighborhood level and the Punjab Data Innovation Board (PITB) has made an Android application to aid the conveyance. There are 6.5 million sacks with QR codes in each.CM said that the photograph of the individual who got the bundle was likewise taken to keep up with the record.

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Q: What number of individuals will profit from Nigheban Rashan sacks?

A: Practically 32.5 Million individuals will get the Nigheban Rashan sacks under Nigheban Ramzan Rashan Program 2024.

Q: How much food will be given in Rashan Sacks?

A: Maryam Nawaz communicated that there are 10 kg of flour, 2 kg of sugar, 2 kg of ghee and 2 kg of rice in a sack, and the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) will survey flour and ghee.

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