Latest News: Launch of Phase 2 of Negahban Program 2024Latest News: Launch of Phase 2 of Negahban Program 2024

Launch of Phase 2 of Negahban Program Overview

The Stage 2 of Negahban Program, a reference point of trust for numerous, has introduced in its 2d portion with promising overhauls for the inhabitants of Punjab. This article dives into the brand modern improvements, enlistment strategies, qualification criteria, required records, and the all inclusive influence of the Stage two rollout.

What is the Negahban Program?

The Negahban Program, at to begin with analyzed for its dispersion of crucial supplies, has progressed its accomplish in Stage two to outfit an additional sack of Rashaan to qualified recipients.The transcendent point of Stage two is to stretch offer assistance to individuals who have prior profited from the program, making beyond any doubt supported offer assistance at a few point of troublesome times.

Updates in Negahban Program

Unlike the going before stage, Stage 2 is carried out face-to-face, bettering availability and making beyond any doubt a additional customized technique to distribution.In Stage 2, recipients are entitled to procure an more pack of crucial supplies, additionally mollifying their financial burdens and making strides their first-rate of life.

Registration Method Update

Phase two presents alterations in the enlistment method to oblige in the past ineligible families, subsequently broadening the program’s accomplish and impact.Individuals looking for to enlist for the computer program can do so without trouble with the help of voyaging their tehsil work environment and displaying their National Character Card number.READ ALSO: New Update for Ehsaas Tracking Pass Government of Pakistan 2024

Eligibility Criteria Negahban Program

To qualify for the Negahban Program, people ought to have a destitution rating beneath 30%, making beyond any doubt offer assistance comes to these who need it most.Individuals with a destitution rating surpassing 30% or managing with hoodlum costs are ineligible for program benefits.

Required Documents for Negahban Program

To streamline the enrollment way and keep responsibility, candidates are required to outfit specific archives, comprising of confirmation of residency, National Personality Card, and family details.Also Read: NSER Survey Online Registration Check 10500

Document Verification

Verification of chronicles such as the Family Enrollment Certificate and month-to-month profit certificates is vital to halt abuse and make certain honest distribution.Read Also: Punjab’s Free Laptop and iPad 


The dispatch of Stage two of the Negahban Program means a driven forward commitment to serving the neighborhood and tending to standard socio-economic challenges. By amplifying offer assistance and streamlining forms, the program desire to make a substantial qualification in the lives of Punjab residents.Read Also: Maryam Nawaz Muft Rashan 


Q: What is the Negahban Program Stage 2?

A: Phase two of the Negahban Program involves the dispersion of an additional sack of essential materials to qualified beneficiaries who have once in the past gotten offer assistance underneath the program.

Q: How can I get hold of the 2nd sack of Rashan by means of the Negahban Program?

A: If you have as of now gotten Rashan from the Negahban Program, you are mechanically qualified to obtain the 2d sack. Groups from the Negahban Program will return to your neighborhood for distribution.

Q: I haven’t gotten Rashan from the Negahban Program some time recently. Can I in any case enroll for Stage 2?

A: Yes, people who haven’t obtained Rashan once can enlist for Stage two of the Negahban Program. Essentially go to your tehsil work environment to enroll your National Personality Card number.

Q: What chronicles are required for enlistment in the Negahban Program?

A: Required records for enrollment envelop confirmation of Pakistani residency, National Character Card, family part points of interest, Family Enlistment Certificate (FRC), month-to-month profit certificates of earnings family individuals, and family utility bills.

Q: How can I take a see at my qualification for the Negahban Program?

A: Eligibility for the Negahban Program is chosen by utilizing having a destitution rating beneath 30%. You can affirm your destitution rating on the program’s site.

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