News Update: Operation of the Negahban mission has begun in Ramadan 2024News Update: Operation of the Negahban mission has begun in Ramadan 2024

Operation of the Negahban mission has begun in Ramadan Overview

The primary activity of the Negahban mission will start in Walk 2024. Maryam Nawaz said that Ramadan Rashan will be extremely close to home. You should simply partake in the review and give your subtleties and data. CM Maryam Nawaz said she was unable to see individuals battling about Ramadan Rashan and chose to give Rashan to individuals deprived extremely close to home.

Why Maryam Nawaz started the Nigheban Program and its advantages

Punjab chief Minister Maryam Nawaz said that in excess of 35 million Punjabis will profit from the Ramadan Rashan program. CM Punjab said that the 2024 program has begun giving food to individuals encountering neediness.

As per the law, around 6.5 million bundles will be conveyed to the doorsteps of families out of luck. Around 30 million individuals in Punjab will profit from this plan.

Efficient and Fair operation of the Negahban mission

To make this work fruitful and useful, the board should give specific consideration to the effective and fair activity of the program. All wellbeing divisions of Punjab will cooperate to make the Negahban Rashan Program proficient and powerful.

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Main aim – Elimination of Operation of the Negahban mission

The point of Ramadan Negahban 2024 is to wipe out destitution in Pakistan. Month to month food and living guide is given to individuals whose month to month pay surpasses their costs. Punjab Boss Priest Maryam Nawaz sent off the arrangement.

Modest organizations will be laid out during Ramadan. Individuals with low earnings can buy their essential necessities at low costs. There are many advantages to joining this calling. In the event that you are a low-pay family, quickly apply and profit from this program.

MissionNegahban Mission
Launch DateMarch 2024
InitiatorPunjab CM, Maryam Nawaz
Rashan DeliveryRamadan Rashan provided at doorstep through survey participation
BeneficiariesOver 35 million Punjabis, aiming to benefit 30 million people

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Punjab government’s announce Operation of the Negahban mission

The Punjab government declared Negahban Rashan 2024, drove by State head Maryam Nawaz. The point is to help and address the issues of all low-pay families during the sacred month of Ramadan through Ehsaas Rashan Riayat of Punjab and food gifts on the lookout.

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All data is hanging around for the people who need to get a dispersion from the Nighaban proportion program. Keep in mind, the organization cycle is extremely straightforward and quick. Assuming you really want food things, if it’s not too much trouble, enter your CNIC number on 8070. 8,000 seventy will send you a connection with every one of the subtleties of your Ramadan bundle.

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Likewise, you can definitely relax on the off chance that you don’t get a message from 8070 on the grounds that Maryam Nawaz Task specialists track individuals and convey products to their doorsteps. You can likewise hang tight for the food planning group and partake in your feast.

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Q: When will the activity of the Nigheban program start?

A: The primary activity of the Nigheban Program started toward the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan in Walk 2024.

Q: Do you need to go anyplace to get Rashan?

A: No, you will receive Rashan at home.

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