New Update :Nigahban Program 2024 – Vision to alleviate povertyNew Update :Nigahban Program 2024 – Vision to alleviate poverty

Negahban 2024 system was sent off by Punjab Boss Pastor Maryam Nawaz. At the point when she became president, she made a significant stride for the poor by first including general society in monetary guide. This way they can work on their lives and Pakistan can wipe out neediness. For this reason, the Punjab Boss Clergyman sent off the Negahban Rashan Program.

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Nigheban Program Pathway to Assistance

Taking part in the Nigheban Program is presently extremely simple. Since the new organization has made it a lot simpler to pursue monetary guide. Presently individuals don’t have to go anyplace or go to any administration office as this examination has been accomplished through crafted by Maryam Nawaz.

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Criteria for Financial AidDetails
Poverty Score Below30%
Monthly Income LimitBelow 60,000 Rupees
Ownership RestrictionsNo vehicles or property in the applicant’s name
Distribution of Essential Items10 kg flour, 2 kg sugar, 2 kg dal, 2 kg gram flour, 2 kg cooking oil
Registration ProcedureRashan provided at home after the eligibility assessment
Delivery of AssistanceRashan provided at home after eligibility assessment

Qualifications for Financial Aid

Monetary help is given to families a destitution score beneath 30%. If you have any desire to meet all requirements for this work and accept your monetary recompense, here are the means you want to take. Thus, read this article cautiously to know the whole course of applying for these plans to get the assignment. Keep in mind, to take part in this arrangement, you should be an unfortunate family and your month to month pay should be under 60,000 Rupees. You should not have any vehicles or property in your name. In the event that you meet these measures, you can undoubtedly enlist and get a dissemination.

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Helping the Penniless with Fundamental Supplies

As per the law, 10 kg sacks of flour, 2 kg of sugar, 2 kg of dal, 2 kg of gram flour, and 2 kg of cooking oil will be dispersed to poor and penniless residents. If you have any desire to eat it, read this article with clarifications and realize every one of the ways.

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Details about the online Registration procedure

There is no system for enrollment. You need to put forth no attempt to enroll yourself by any means. A group will come to your home for an overview and you ought to give every one of your subtleties. What’s more, as per your family subtleties, you will be qualified for a proportion then they will give it to you at your home.


This article makes sense of the whole course of getting a food bundle. Kindly read this directive for subtleties on what things are remembered for the Ramadan food bundle and when to get them. Along these lines, you can get familiar with the whole course of meeting all requirements for enrollment and get a proportion from home.

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Do I have to enlist online for the Nigheban Program?

There is no web-based system for enrollment. A Study group visits families and Rashan is given at home after the qualification evaluation.

What are the qualification standards for month to month pay?

Your month to month pay should be under 60,000 Rupees.

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