Breaking News :New Plan of Maryam Nawaz About Nigehban ProgramBreaking News :New Plan of Maryam Nawaz About Nigehban Program

The government of Punjab has as of late disclosed the Ramadan Help Program 2024. Also, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, upon expecting office as Pakistan’s to begin with female prime serve, quickly reported the dispatch of the Neghaban conspire pointed at helping the ruined and penniless people in the country.

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Announcement: Rashan Conveyance to Each Family

The Extend 2024 Negahban activity is set to kick off in Walk 2024. It guarantees doorstep conveyance of basic nourishment things to each family. Interest in a overview is all that’s required; once completed, inhabitants won’t require to wander exterior as the Rashan will be conveyed to their doorstep. Punjab Chief Serve Maryam Nawaz communicated her concern for the devastated and pledged to guarantee that basic supplies reach each household.

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • PMT Score: 30 or below.
  • Living underneath the destitution line.
  • Minimum wage: Rs. 60,000.
  • Gas and power bills not surpassing Rs. 15,000 monthly.
  • Not having performed Hajj or Umrah, nor utilized in the government sector.
  • No require for vehicle ownership.
  • Ineligibility for bank loans.

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Required Archives for 2024 Registration:

  1. To encourage the enrollment prepare for the Negahban free feast arrange, inhabitants will require to give the taking after documents:
  2. Computerized National Personality Card (CNIC): A substantial CNIC is fundamental for distinguishing proof purposes.
  3. Registration Number: Inhabitants will require to give their one of a kind enlistment number, which may be gotten through the enrollment process.
  4. Address of the Head of the Family: The address points of interest of the head of the family are required for precise conveyance of the free feast plan.
  5. Proof of Pay from Trade: Documentation confirming pay from trade exercises is essential to evaluate qualification for the program.
  6. These reports will guarantee smooth enrollment and conveyance of the Negahban free supper arrange to residents’ homes.

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Application Process:

As of presently, the Punjab government has not however discharged the suitable entry for enlistment, nor is there a program bundle accessible for BISP registrants. Also, there is no online site or enrollment shape for the Nigheban Rashan Program. Those enlisted with BISP can get the Ramadan bundle without completing any extra enrollment process.

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After expecting office as the Chief Serve of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif declared the arrange to help the destitute amid Ramadan. The Punjab government has commenced the dissemination of apportion by disseminating nourishment bundles to the penniless through different centers set up over distinctive cities of Punjab.


What are the criteria for the PMT score for the Nigehban Program 2024?

Answer: If your PMT score is 30 or underneath, you can get free apportion packs beneath the Nigehban Program 2024.

What is the wage constrain for Nigehban Program 2024?

Answer: The pay restrain for Nigehban Program 2024 is Rs. 60,000.

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