In 2024, the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission( NAVTTC) continues to play a vital part in easing skill development and instruments for Pakistanis, including those abiding overseas. NAVTTC verification process for overseas Pakistanis seeking to corroborate their qualifications through NAVTTC, understanding the process is essential. In this comprehensive companion, we will walk you through the NAVTTC verification process, conditions, and give perceptivity for a smooth experience.

Introduction NAVTTC Verification   

NAVTTC, established in 2005, aims to regulate and  regularize the vocational and specialized training sector in Pakistan. It provides delegation and instrument services to individualities and institutions to ensure quality and recognition of chops. For the NAVTTC Verification process for overseas Pakistanis, NAVTTC verification serves as a means to validate their qualifications  attained abroad, enhancing their employability and recognition in Pakistan.   

To initiate the NAVTTC verification process for overseas Pakistanis must meet certain eligibility criteria, including:   

  • Possession of vocational or specialized qualifications attained outside Pakistan. 
  • Valid Proof of Pakistani nation or overseas Pakistani status.  
  • Compliance with NAVTTC’s verification programs and procedures.  
NAVTTC Verification Process for Overseas
NAVTTC Verification Process for Overseas 

The following documents are generally  needed for NAVTTC verification:   

  • Copy of educational  instruments warrants.  
  • Copy of Pakistani passport or NICOP( National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis).  
  • Application form for verification, available on the NAVTTC website.  
  • Any fresh documents requested by NAVTTC are grounded on individual circumstances.

The NAVTTC verification process involves several ways:   

Submission of Application

  • Overseas Pakistanis submit their operation for verification along with the needed documents to the NAVTTC office or through the online gate.   

Document Evaluation: 

  • NAVTTC evaluates the submitted documents to ensure compliance with verification conditions and authenticity of qualifications.   

Verification Procedure: 

  • NAVTTC may conduct verification directly with the issuing institution or through designated channels, vindicating the authenticity of the qualifications.   

Outcome Notification: 

  • Once the verification process is complete, NAVTTC notifies the aspirant regarding the outgrowth, whether the qualifications are vindicated or not. Read: Electric Vehicle an Interest-Free 


  • Upon successful verification, NAVTTC issues an instrument attesting the authenticity of the qualifications, enhancing the existent’s recognition and employability in Pakistan.   

Table:Quick Information 

1. Submission of ApplicationOverseas Pakistanis submit their application for verification along with required documents.
2. Document EvaluationNAVTTC evaluates the submitted documents to ensure compliance with verification requirements.
3. Verification ProcedureNAVTTC conducts verification directly with the issuing institution or through designated channels.
4. Outcome NotificationNAVTTC notifies the applicant regarding the outcome of the verification process.
5. CertificationUpon successful verification, NAVTTC issues a certificate confirming the authenticity of qualifications.

The timeline for NAVTTC verification can vary depending on factors similar to document complexity and verification procedures. generally, the process may take several weeks to months to complete. Also, NAVTTC may charge a figure for verification services, which can also vary based on the nature and number of documents submitted. Read: Eligibility Criteria for the Govt Student 

Final Thought 

Navigating the NAVTTC verification process as an overseas Pakistani can be a significant step towards enhancing your qualifications’ recognition and employability in Pakistan. By understanding the eligibility criteria, needed documents, and process complications, you can streamline your verification trip and unleash new openings in your motherland.   


Is NAVTTC verification obligatory for overseas Pakistanis?  

While NAVTTC verification isn’t obligatory, it’s largely recommended for overseas Pakistanis to enhance the recognition of their qualifications in Pakistan.   

Can I submit documents in languages other than English or Urdu?  

NAVTTC accepts documents in languages other than English or Urdu, and they’re accompanied by pukka  restatements.   

What if my qualifications aren’t honored by NAVTTC?  

Still, aspirants may appeal the decision or explore indispensable pathways for recognition, If NAVTTC determines that the qualifications aren’t honored.   

Can I track the status of my verification application?  

NAVTTC provides an online gate where  aspirants can track the status of their verification operations and admit updates on the process. Read: Government to Financing Scheme 

How long is the NAVTTC verification  instrument valid?  

The NAVTTC verification instrument is  generally valid indefinitely, attesting the authenticity of the qualifications at the time of verification.   


In conclusion, the NAVTTC verification process serves as a vital medium for overseas Pakistanis to validate their qualifications and enhance their recognition in Pakistan. By following the guidelines outlined in this companion and engaging proactively with NAVTTC, overseas Pakistanis can navigate the verification process effectively and unleash new  openings in their motherland.