Meezan Roshan Pension Plan 

Are you planning for your withdrawal and seeking a dependable pension plan? Look no further than the Meezan Roshan Pension Plan. In this comprehensive companion, we’ll claw into the eligibility criteria, Application process, benefits, and  constantly ask questions about this popular pension scheme. Read: Electric Vehicles Scheme in Punjab 

Introduction Meezan Roshan Pension Plan  

The Meezan Roshan Pension is designed to give individuals a secure source of income during their withdrawal times. Managed by Meezan Bank, Pakistan’s first and largest Islamic bank, this pension plan offers a range of features and benefits  acclimatized to meet the  requirements of its  guests.   

Eligibility Criteria Meezan Roshan Pension 

To be eligible for the Meezan Roshan Pension individuals must meet the following criteria:   


  • Aspirants must be within the age range specified by the plan, generally between 18 to 65 times old.  


  • There may be minimal income conditions for participation in the plan. 


Application Process Meezan Roshan Pension System 

Applying for the Meezan Roshan Pension is a straightforward process. Then is a step- by- step companion 

Meezan Roshan Pension Plan
Meezan Roshan Pension Plan 
  • Research: Familiarize yourself with the plan’s features, benefits, and terms and conditions.  
  • Documentation: Gather the necessary documents, which may include evidence of identity,  evidence of income, and  evidence of address.  
  • Visit a Branch: Visit your nearest Meezan Bank branch to speak with a representative who can guide you through the operation process.  
  • Fill Out Application: Complete the  operation form handed by the bank,  furnishing accurate information.  
  • Submission: Submit the operation form along with the needed documents to the bank.  
  • Review and Approval:The bank will review your operation and inform you of the blessing status. Read: New Pension System in Pakistan 

Types of Meezan Roshan Pension Plans  

Meezan Bank offers a variety of pension plans under the Meezan Roshan marquee, each designed to suit different investment preferences and fiscal pretensions. Some of the crucial plans include:   

Meezan Roshan Digital Pension Plan 

  • This plan allows guests to manage their pension benefits accessible through Meezan Bank’s digital platforms. With easy access to account information and transactional capabilities, guests can track their investments and make changes as  demanded.   

Meezan Roshan Pension ( Conventional) 

  • This plan follows a conventional pension model, offering regular income payments to retirees grounded on their benefactions and investment performance. Guests can choose from a range of investment options to  make their withdrawal portfolio.   

Meezan Roshan Pension ( Takaful) 

  • Combining the benefits of pension planning with Takaful content, this plan provides  guests with fresh fiscal protection against  unlooked-for events. In the event of disability or death, Takaful benefits ensure that the policyholder’s family receives fiscal support. Read: Applying Online for NAVTTC Batch 4

Comparison of Meezan Roshan Pension Plans with Other Pension Plans  

FeatureMeezan Roshan Pension Competitor A Pension PlanCompetitor B Pension Plan
Eligibility CriteriaAge, Income, NationalityAge, IncomeAge, Income
Regular IncomeYesYesYes
Tax BenefitsYesYesYes
Shariah ComplianceYesNoNo
Flexibility in ContributionsYesLimitedLimited

Benefits of Meezan Roshan Pension   

Meezan Roshan Pension offer a host of features and benefits, making them a seductive choice for withdrawal planning   

Shariah Compliance 

  • All Meezan Roshan Pension are managed in agreement with Islamic principles,  icing that investments are ethical and socially responsible.  


  • Guests have the inflexibility to choose their  donation quantities, investment options, and  withdrawal age, allowing them to customize their pension plans according to their individual requirements.  

Tax Benefits 

  • Benefactions made towards Meezan Roshan Pension may be eligible for  duty deductions, helping guests save on their periodic duty arrears.  

Regular Income 

  • Upon withdrawal, guests admit regular pension payments,  furnishing them with a steady source of income to support their life.  

Additional Coverage 

  • Some Meezan Roshan Pension offer fresh content options, similar as Takaful benefits, to give guests with added l fiscal security.  

Final Thought 

The Meezan Roshan Pension is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a  dependable and Shariah- biddable pension  result. With its flexible benefactions,  duty benefits, and commitment to Islamic principles, it stands out among its challengers. Read: NAVTTC Candidate Registration Process 


Can NRPs apply for the Meezan Roshan Pension ?  

Yes,non-resident Pakistanis( NRPs) are eligible to apply for the plan.  

Are there any penalties for early pullout?  

Early pullout penalties may apply, depending on the terms and conditions of the plan.  

Is the Meezan Roshan Pension Shariah- biddable?  

Yes, the plan is managed in agreement with Islamic principles.  

Can I change my donation quantum?  

Yes, you may be suitable to acclimate your  donation quantum, subject to the plan’s rules and regulations.  


Meezan Roshan Pension offer a  dependable and Shariah- biddable way to plan for  withdrawal,  furnishing  guests with inflexibility,  duty benefits, and regular income payments. Whether you are a Pakistani  public or an NRP, Meezan Bank’s pension plans can help you achieve your long- term  fiscal  pretensions with peace of mind. Consider exploring the options available and start planning for a secure future