HBL Konnect DeviceHBL Konnect Device

HBL Konnect Device

HBL Konnect Device, a main issuer of handy banking options in Pakistan, has unveiled its present day updates for the yr 2024. Among the most expected factors of this replace is the pricing shape for HBL Konnect devices, specifically for these in search of get admission to to the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) devices.

What is the HBL Konnect Device?

The HBL Konnect machine serves as an necessary aspect of particular Konnect account programs supplied by means of HBL. However, not like standalone products, the rate of the gadget is no longer constant and is alternatively tied to the chosen package.

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How is the gadget priced?

The pricing of the HBL Konnect machine varies relying on the chosen Konnect package. Different applications provide a vary of advantages and features, with the gadget value regularly built-in into the usual bundle fee.

Exploring Konnect Packages and Device Costs

HBL affords a range of Konnect packages, every with its special machine cost:

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Konnect Debit Card Package

Priced at PKR 1,200 per year, this package deal consists of a simple debit card and get right of entry to to quintessential banking features. The machine value is in all likelihood protected in the annual fee.

Konnect Economy Plus Package

Costing PKR 4,000 per year, this bundle gives prolonged aspects such as higher transaction limits, ATM withdrawals, and consignment payments. The system fee is possibly bundled inside the annual fee.

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HBL Konnect Device

Konnect Debit Card 750 Package

As the identify suggests, this package deal prices PKR 750 each year and offers primary debit card functionality. The gadget rate is maybe covered in the annual fee.

Konnect Economy Pro Package

Priced at PKR 3,100 per year, this bundle elements greater limits, a number of consignment payments, and insurance plan coverage. The gadget fee is probably section of the annual fee.

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Konnect Medic Package

Costing PKR 999 per year, this package deal focuses on healthcare-related advantages such as reductions and on line consultations. The machine fee is probably protected in the annual fee.

Konnect Traveller Package

Priced at PKR five hundred per year, this bundle caters to standard vacationers with facets like tour insurance and airport lounge access. The gadget fee is in all likelihood bundled inside the annual fee.

Konnect Sasta Package (1 Month)

Offered at PKR 200 per month, this brief package deal affords simple features. The machine fee might also be a separate one-time fee or bundled inside the month-to-month fee, relying on the chosen variant.

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Konnect Hungama Package (1 Month)

This entertainment-focused package deal charges PKR 450 per month and can also require a separate one-time gadget price or have the fee bundled inside the month-to-month fee, relying on the chosen variant.


The today’s updates to the HBL Konnect gadget pricing for 2024 provide a vary of alternatives for people looking for handy banking options in Pakistan. With more than a few programs available, every tailor-made to specific needs, clients can choose the bundle that first-class fits their necessities and budget. By thinking about all aspects, such as package deal facets and extra fees, persons can make an knowledgeable choice and revel in the advantages of HBL Konnect’s services.

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Can I buy the HBL Konnect machine separately?

No, the HBL Konnect gadget is now not reachable for separate buy and is tied to particular Konnect account packages.

How do I decide the value of the HBL Konnect device?

The fee of the system is built-in into the usual price of the chosen Konnect package.

Are there any extra charges related with HBL Konnect packages?

Some applications might also have extra month-to-month expenses on pinnacle of the annual fee.

Can I customise my HBL Konnect package deal based totally on my banking needs?

Yes, it is really helpful to pick out a package deal that aligns with your banking things to do to keep away from paying for unused features.

Where can I locate the most up to date data on HBL Konnect applications and system costs?

For the brand new information, it is encouraged to contact HBL immediately or go to their legitimate website.