Distribute 25000 Electric RickshawsDistribute 25000 Electric Rickshaws

Distribute 25000 Electric Rickshaws

In a first-rate go in the direction of sustainable transportation and monetary empowerment, the Punjab Government has introduced plans to Distribute 25000 Electric Rickshaws at some point of the province as phase of a groundbreaking initiative. Spearheaded through the Punjab Transport and Mass Transit Department, this pastime targets to revolutionize the transportation sector, tackle environmental challenges, and create livelihood opportunities.

Key Statistics of the E-Rickshaws Scheme

Since its launch in January 2024, the ‘Retrofitted Three-Wheeler’ Scheme has successfully registered 25,000 rickshaws thru the committed on line portal developed by way of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). Here are some noteworthy statistics:

25,000 Enrolled Rickshaws: The initiative has facilitated the profitable registration of lots of rickshaws below the scheme.

22,000 Special Registration Vouchers (SRVs) Issued: Special registration vouchers have been dispensed to streamline the registration system and make sure compliance with regulations.

Integration with e-Pay Punjab

The scheme’s portal seamlessly integrates with e-Pay Punjab, simplifying the fee technique for taxes and fees. This integration enhances effectivity and transparency, benefiting each rickshaw proprietors and the government.

Enhancing Transportation Services

The distribution of E-Rickshaws performs a pivotal position in empowering stakeholders and improving transportation offerings in Punjab in the following ways.By offering E-Rickshaws to aspiring entrepreneurs, the authorities creates opportunities for financial empowerment and self-employment, especially for folks from low-income backgrounds.

Distribute 25000 Electric Rickshaws

Environmental Sustainability

E-Rickshaws serve as eco-friendly options to normal fuel-powered vehicles, substantially decreasing carbon emissions and environmental pollution. This aligns with the government’s dedication to fight local weather alternate and promote sustainable development.

Efficient and Modernized Transportation

The introduction of E-Rickshaws enhances the effectivity and modernization of Punjab’s transportation sector. Equipped with superior aspects such as electric powered motors and rechargeable batteries, these motors make certain clean and dependable operation, contributing to a modernized transportation network.


The Punjab Government’s choice to Distribute 25000 Electric Rickshaws marks a large milestone in the pursuit of sustainable transportation and financial growth. With a focal point on empowering stakeholders, enhancing transportation services, and addressing environmental concerns, the authorities is enforcing streamlined registration procedures and modern initiatives. This modern pastime underscores Punjab’s dedication to constructing a greener and greater affluent future for its citizens.


How can I register my rickshaw beneath the ‘Retrofitted Three-Wheeler’ Scheme?

You can register your rickshaw via the devoted portal created via the Punjab Transport and Mass Transit Department. Simply comply with the on-line registration method and entire the fundamental documentation.

Are there any economic incentives for registering my rickshaw underneath this scheme?

Yes, eligible rickshaw proprietors may additionally acquire Special Registration Vouchers (SRVs) to facilitate the registration method and offset related costs.

Can I pay the registration prices on line for the Electric Rickshaw Scheme?

Yes, the registration portal is built-in with e-Pay Punjab, permitting you to with ease pay the applicable taxes and expenses online.