New Update: Check Your BISP 10500 Quarterly Payment of MarchNew Update: Check Your BISP 10500 Quarterly Payment of March

BISP 10500 Quarterly

New Update: Check Your BISP 10500 Quarterly Payment of April On the off chance that you are among the beneficiaries of the Benazir Pay Backing System (BISP 10500 Quarterly), you may be expecting the quarterly help of Rs 10,500 for the long periods of January to Walk 2024. Many Pakistani families rely heavily on this substantial financial assistance. We discuss the eligibility checks, the disbursement procedure, and the overall impact of this payment in this article.

BISP and the Benazir Kafaalat Programe

Millions of poor Pakistani families look to the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) as a source of hope. Since its origin in 2008, BISP has been a fundamental instrument in battling destitution and enabling ladies. Fundamental to BISP’s endeavors is the Benazir Kafaalat Program, which essentially targets ladies to give them monetary help with the essence of financial difficulties like expansion and slow development. BISP aims to promote gender equality and social inclusion in addition to reducing poverty by aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

BISP Quarterly Payment April

The quarterly help gave by BISP to the time of January to Walk 2024 sums to Rs 10,500 for each family. This significant aggregate plans to reduce monetary weights, particularly during pivotal times like the heavenly month of Ramadan. More than 9 million families benefit from the Kafaalat program, which is appropriated across all territories, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan. The program’s dedication to reaching the most marginalized members of society is made clear by its widespread distribution.

New Update: Check Your BISP 10500 Quarterly Payment of March
New Update: Check Your BISP 10500 Quarterly Payment of April

How to Check BISP Eligibility Status

The eligibility process for the BISP’s quarterly payment is straightforward. Applicants can check their eligibility status and view payment information by going to the Ehsaas NADRA Web Portal and entering their National CNIC Card Number and the provided Image Code. This straightforwardness enables people by giving them admittance to pivotal data in regards to their qualifications.

Process of Receiving Cash Stipend from Benazir Kafaalat

Upon being declared eligible for the cash stipend, recipients will receive an SMS notification from the number 8171. This message contains pertinent details regarding the disbursement process, ensuring that beneficiaries are well-informed and prepared to receive their assistance promptly. The simplicity of this process facilitates widespread participation and ensures that deserving individuals receive the support they require.


The quarterly installment of Rs 10,500 by BISP under the Benazir Kafaalat Program fills in as a help for a great many meriting families across Pakistan. By giving monetary help, particularly to ladies, BISP keeps on assuming a critical part in neediness lightening and ladies’ strengthening. Qualified recipients should stay informed about the payment interaction to use this help really and work on their vocations.


Is the BISP quarterly payment only for women?

While the Benazir Kafaalat Programme primarily targets women, eligible families may include male members as well.

Can I check my BISP eligibility status offline?

Currently, the eligibility status can only be checked through the Ehsaas NADRA Web Portal.

What if I don’t receive an SMS notification about my BISP payment?

In such cases, it’s advisable to contact the nearest Benazir Tehsil Office for assistance.

Are there any additional requirements to receive the BISP payment?

Apart from meeting the eligibility criteria, no additional requirements are necessary to receive the payment.

How often are the BISP payments disbursed?

BISP payments are distributed quarterly, providing regular financial support to eligible families.