Best Voluntary Pension Systems 

In recent times, Pakistan has seen a growing interest in voluntary pension systems as  individualities seek to secure their fiscal futures beyond traditional withdrawal benefits. With colorful options available in the  request, it can be grueling to determine the stylish fit for one’s requirements. This comprehensive companion aims to explore some of the best voluntary pension systems in Pakistan, furnishing precious perceptivity to help individualities make informed opinions about their withdrawal planning. Read: Electric Vehicles Scheme in Punjab 

Voluntary Pension Systems in Pakistan 

Voluntary pension systems, also known as Voluntary Pension Schemes( VPS), offer  individuals the opportunity to contribute fresh  finances towards their withdrawal savings freely. These schemes operate alongside  obligatory pension systems, furnishing  individualities with further inflexibility and control over their withdrawal planning.   

Best Voluntary Pension Systems in Pakistan   

Jubilee Life Pension Savings Plan   


  • Flexible donation options.  
  • Duty benefits under Section 63 of the Income duty constitution, 2001.  
  • Option to choose from colorful investment finances grounded on  threat forbearance.

EFU Pension Savings Plan   


  • Flexible donation frequency( yearly, daily,semi-annually, annually).  
  • Tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws.  
  • Range of investment options including equity, debt, and plutocrat request finances.
    • Minimal donation: PKR 2,500 per month.  
    • Key Benefits: Different investment options, professional fund operation, and online access.  
Best Voluntary Pension Systems
Best Voluntary Pension Systems 

UBL Retirement Savings Fund   


  • Choice of donation frequency( yearly, daily,semi-annually, annually).  
  • Tax benefits under Section 63 of the Income duty constitution, 2001.  
  • Offers colorful investment strategies to suit individual threat biographies.
    • Minimum Contribution: PKR 1,000 per month.  
    • Key Benefits: Competitive returns, availability, and expert fund operation. Read: New Pension System in Pakistan 

Table: Quick Information 

Pension SchemeFeaturesMinimum ContributionTax BenefitsKey Benefits
Jubilee Life PensionFlexible contributions, tax benefits, investment fund optionsPKR 1,000 per monthYes (Section 63)Competitive returns, transparency, accessibility
EFU Pension SavingsFlexible contributions, diverse investment options, tax benefitsPKR 2,500 per monthYes (As per law)Diverse investment options, professional management
UBL Retirement SavingsChoice of contribution frequency, tax benefits, investment strategiesPKR 1,000 per monthYes (Section 63)Competitive returns, accessibility, fund management
Best Voluntary Pension Systems 

Voluntary Pension Scheme Rules    

The rules governing voluntary pension schemes in Pakistan are established and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan( SECP) under the Voluntary Pension System Rules, 2005. These rules outline the frame for the operation, operation, and oversight of voluntary pension schemes, icing  translucency, responsibility, and investor protection. Then there are some crucial rules and regulations associated with voluntary pension schemes in Pakistan:   

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Individualities eligible to share in voluntary pension schemes generally include workers, tone- employed individualities, and other eligible contributors who wish to condense their withdrawal savings freely.   

Registration and Licensing 

  • Pension fund directors and pension finances must  gain enrollment and licensing from the SECP to operate and offer voluntary pension schemes in Pakistan. The SECP ensures that these realities misbehave with nonsupervisory conditions and maintain fiscal stability. Read: Applying Online for NAVTTC Batch 4

Investment Guidelines 

  • Voluntary pension schemes must adhere to specific investment guidelines specified by the SECP. These guidelines aim to insure prudent investment practices, diversification of means, and threat operation to guard the interests of scheme actors.   

Contribution Limits 

  • The rules may specify minimum and maximum donation limits that actors can make towards their voluntary pension accounts. These limits may vary depending on factors similar as income position, age, and the terms of the pension scheme.   

Tax Benefits 

  • Benefactions made to voluntary pension schemes are eligible for duty benefits under Section 63 of the Income duty constitution, 2001. Actors can mileage duty deductions on their benefactions, subject to certain conditions and limits specified by duty laws.   

Withdrawal and Vesting Rules 

  • Voluntary pension schemes generally have rules governing the pullout of finances and vesting conditions. Actors may be allowed to make partial or full recessions under certain circumstances, similar as withdrawal, disability, or fiscal difficulty, subject to applicable rules and penalties.   

Disclosure and Translucency 

  • Pension fund directors are needed to give comprehensive exposure of information to actors regarding the terms, freights, investment options, and performance of the voluntary pension scheme. This  translucency ensures that actors can make informed opinions about their withdrawal planning.   

Compliance and Monitoring 

  • The SECP monitors compliance with nonsupervisory conditions and conducts periodic examinations and checkups of pension fund directors and pension finances to ensure adherence to rules and safeguard investor interests.   

Disagreement Resolution Medium 

  • The rules may establish a disagreement resolution medium to address grievances or  controversies between actors and pension fund directors. This medium provides a formal avenue for resolving issues and seeking redressal in case of controversies.

Final Thought 

Choosing the best voluntary pension system is a pivotal decision in securing a comfortable  withdrawal. While each scheme offers unique features and benefits, individualities must assess their fiscal pretensions, threat forbearance, and investment preferences before making a choice. Also, staying informed about duty counter accusations  and nonsupervisory changes is essential for maximizing the benefits of these schemes. By taking a visionary way towards  withdrawal planning and using the advantages of voluntary pension systems,  individualities can make a solid fiscal foundation for their golden times. Read: NAVTTC Candidate Registration Process 


Are voluntary pension benefactions duty- deductible?   

Yes, benefactions to voluntary pension schemes are eligible for duty benefits under Section 63 of the Income duty constitution, 2001.  

Can I withdraw finances from my voluntary pension account before withdrawal?   

utmost voluntary pension schemes have specific rules regarding early recessions. While some allow partial recessions for specific purposes, similar as education or medical extremities, others may put penalties or circumscribe access until withdrawal age.  

How do I choose the right voluntary pension scheme for me?   

Consider factors similar as donation inflexibility, investment options, literal performance, freights, and client service when assessing different pension schemes. It’s also judicious to consult with a fiscal  counsel to knit your decision to your individual requirements and pretensions.  


Voluntary pension systems play a vital part in supplementing traditional withdrawal benefits and empowering individualities to take control of their fiscal futures. By exploring the best pension schemes in Pakistan and understanding their features, benefits, and  duty counter accusations , individuals can make informed opinions to secure a comfortable withdrawal. Flash back to review your withdrawal plan periodically and acclimate your benefactions and investment strategy as demanded to stay on track towards your long- term fiscal pretensions.